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Redau in continuare postarea de pe facebook a lui Frank Arjava Petter referitoare la subiectul din titlu pentru a avea, sper, un punct de vedere clar, asupra sistemului lui Hyakuten Inamoto, despre care am mai scris ceva timp in urma pe blog.
Public aici articolul lui Arjava cu acordul sau.
Nu am tradus din limba engleza articolul lui Arjava Petter pentru a nu deforma cu nimic continutul acestuia si pentru a va face un punct de vedere intr totul propriu.

Vreau numai sa subliniez urmatoarele:
- Frank Arjava Petter in afara faptului ca are multe initieri in sistemul Usui Reiki, ca a predat multi ani Usui Reiki in Japonia, ca a fost si elev al lui Chiyoko Yamaguchi, si impreuna cu fiul Maestrei Yamaguchi, Tadao, preda si a dezvoltat in prezent sistemul Jikiden Reiki, pe care l-au fondat Chiyoko Yamagichi si Tadao Yamaguchi.
- la rugamintile exprese ala lui Hyakuten Ynamoto doamna Chiyoko Yamaguchi I-a acordat initierile de grd 1 si 2 Usui Reiki cu titlu gratuit, cu rugamintea de a indruma noi doritori/elevi numai la cursurile Doamnei Yamaguchi, fara a preda Reiki, lucru acceptat de Hyakuten Inamoto ca o chestiune de onoare.
Chiar daca ceea ce am scris este detaliat si in textul de mai jos, v-am pus in tema, ca sa spun asa, pentru a intelege mai bine aceste relatii.
Textul de pe facebook a lui Frank Arjava Petter, este prezentat, mai jos, intre ghilimele:

`` The relationship between Chiyoko Yamaguchi and Hyakuten Inamoto

I would like to share something with you that I have been holding back for many years now. I get asked about the issue in almost all my workshops and decided to clear it up once and for all. You may think that Reiki is all about love and light and you are right about that, but there is a lot of hanky- panky going on under the surface as well.

Several years ago when I was not well physically Tadao Yamaguchi asked me to write down all the stories about Reiki politics that I had come across, because he was worried that I might kick the bucket. I had to stay in bed for several weeks at the time and after having finished written about my subject, I continued writing my autobiography, enjoying it a lot.

It has been an amazing journey: the lightness of my childhood, the intensive years of soul searching and ego destruction with Osho, the meditative discipline of living in Japan and the celebration of living in Greece with my beloved family- what a life!

When I was done writing, Tadao and I discussed the possibility of publishing the Reiki part, but I was not certain if sharing these negative stories with the public would be good for the international Reiki community. I was worried that readers would get disheartened and perhaps lose their enthusiasm and love for Reiki when they find out how dirty some of their “spiritual” teachers play.

For years I have been oscillating between yes and no, but finally the time has come to share some of what I know. I am still not comfortable publishing my whole account because it is quite compromising for some well-known Reiki teachers, but knowledge is responsibility, and I am taking it now. Please send me your good thoughts, because I know that this will raise another shit- storm to blow my way; and-even though I have kind of grown used to being exposed to that sort of thing over the past twenty years, I still appreciate your love and support to stand up for the truth.

What follows is part of my autobiography. This chapter is about the relationship between Hyakuten Inamoto (Komyo Reiki), William Lee Rand and Chiyoko Yamaguchi.

In October 2001, William Lee Rand learned Shoden ( Reiki One) and Okuden( Reiki Two) from Chiyoko Sensei. During their workshop I was busy with hosting a workshop of my family therapy teacher Bert Hellinger in Kyoto and therefore could not help with the translation. Instead of me someone called Hyakuten Inamoto acted as the translator for William. Rather than being Chiyoko Sensei’s student, Hyakuten Inamoto was a participant at meetings held to discuss Global environmental problems that Tadao-Sensei had been holding.

He was introduced to Chiyoko-Sensei by Tadao-Sensei after he realized that Chiyoko-Sensei was qualified to teach Reiki. He told Chiyoko-Sensei that he was a Buddhist monk and that he couldn’t learn Reiki because he didn’t have enough money. So he asked if Chiyoko-Sensei could give him just Reiju (literally giving/granting the soul. In our Western Reiki- tradition it is falsely translated as attunement). He explained that because of his position as a Buddhist monk, he met many people who needed support and he wanted to do Reiki for them. After Chiyoko-Sensei listened to his explanation, she agreed to give him Reiju at no cost as long as his purpose was to provide Reiki sessions for his clients.

He promised Chiyoko Sensei to give Reiki sessions to the people in need for free, and then he received Reiju from Chiyoko-Sensei. Instead of learning the whole Shoden class, he only received Reiju (about three times). However, soon after he had received Reiju from Chiyoko Sensei, he began to advertise himself as a Master student of Chiyoko Sensei and started to teach Shoden and Okuden seminars- unknown to her. Chiyoko-Sensei didn’t find out for about 6 months.

At some point Mr. Inamoto was asked to be William Rand’s translator because the Yamaguchis had no idea that he was betraying Chiyoko Sensei at that time. When it was decided that Mr. Inamoto was to be the translator, he then took the Shoden and Okuden class for the first time to prepare for the translation, at no cost. Then, Mr. Inamoto translated for the seminar that William Rand was participating in. Throughout that time, Chiyoko-Sensei didn’t know that Mr. Inamoto had been secretly holding his seminars. It was found out later that he was actually teaching workshops with Western Reiki contents, but he advertised it as Chiyoko Sensei’s student.

At some point William Rand invited Tadao to come and teach in the US. According to Tadao Sensei William Rand made three conditions:
1: The Jikiden Reiki teaching was too simple and that it would have to be made more complex.
2: It was too expensive and the price was to come down in the US.
3: Tadao had to stay in the USA for three months in which they would hit all the major US cities and make a lot of money. Red flag: Tadao refused. Tadao and Chiyoko Sensei had no intention of changing the teaching contents and the price of their workshops, and their focus wasn’t on making money, but to spread the original teaching.

All throughout 2001 I had been receiving emails from people who were asking me about information on visiting Japan. Since I was well- known and accessible for the public this had already been going on for four years, but now it was a different story. The readers would write to me that they were going to visit Japan and if I could point them towards the right direction in terms of sacred Reiki sites.

I had written a generic letter with info on the Usui Memorial at the Saihoji Temple in Tokyo and Mount Kurama in Kyoto, which I sent out to them, but I also had a habit of asking them what they were doing in Japan in the first place. Quite a number of them wrote back telling me that they were doing a Reiki training with someone called Hyakuten Inamoto. I asked those guys why they did not train with his teacher, Chiyoko Sensei? They replied that Mr. Inamoto had told them that she did not speak English and was mixing up her own religious beliefs with Reiki and that he could do it much better than her. My kundalini was rising…

After I had received too many of those emails and the New Year was approaching, I told Chetna (my ex-wife) that I would not enter the New Year without telling Chiyoko Sensei what was going on. Chetna advised me that what happened between Chiyoko Sensei and her staff was none of my business. I passionately disagreed, because I loved her and could not bear the thought of someone taking advantage of her.

In the end Chetna agreed to call Chiyoko Sensei on my behalf. I was not certain if I would find the right words in Japanese knowing that I was way out of my league with what I was about to say to her. Chiyoko Sensei listened silently and after a while said” Yes, I know what is going on, I have been told the same thing by a number of others already, and I have asked Mr. Inamoto to stop teaching in my name”.

That conversation between Chiyoko Sensei and Mr. Inamoto was recorded and in it he acts quite submissively when told by Chiyoko Sensei to stop teaching in her name and lineage.

She told us on the phone that Mr. Inamoto had offered to answer her English queries because neither herself nor Tadao spoke enough English. But instead of helping her prospective students to learn from her, he helped them to learn from himself!

Later on Mr. Inamoto was asked to come in and sign a statement that he would stop teaching in her name, but of course he never showed up. Chiyoko Sensei was furious, so much so that Tadao Sensei asked us not to mention Mr. Inamoto’s name in front of her anymore because he feared for her health.

We spent the next few months talking on the phone quite a bit and trying to figure out what to do about this issue. We knew that in the future more people would claim to be her Master students who were not. One of the things that was decided because of this was to put all the names of Chiyoko Sensei’s students up on the institute’s website.

If in doubt anyone can check the database of all the Jikiden Reiki students online to see if a certain person has learned from her or not. However, Mr. Inamoto’s name has been erased from the website. Japanese culture is strict in this way: if you go against your teacher, your ass is grass...

But to be fair it must be stated here that Mr. Inamoto seems to have had a proper Master/Teacher training in Western Reiki- from someone in my (Takata)-lineage. Out of respect for this Takata style lineage and to future students in that tradition I expect all Reiki teachers to pass on their lineage truthfully and to stop using Chiyoko Sensei’s name.
Originally, Mr. Inamoto learned Reiki from Mr.Konishi (at no cost) who learned Reiki from Mr. Masaharu Ueno (Cosmo Bright). Mr. Ueno was working with Mr. Mochizuki (Vortex, then the largest Reiki school in Japan) , but Mr. Ueno built his own Healing School (Cosmo Bright) where Mr. Inamoto learned Reiki. Mr. Mochizuki had learned Reiki from me while I was still teaching in the Takata's lineage. So, Mr. Inamoto's correct lineage is (Usui-Hayashi-Takata-Furumoto-Helbling-Gilgen-Popat-Petter-Ueno-Konishi-Inamoto).

If you have only received Reiju or one of the lower degrees from someone, that person should not appear in your Reiki lineage, because you have not learned what they teach in the higher degrees- and- you don’t have their teaching permission.
Think of it in practical terms. The first two degrees are the student levels. As a student it is your responsibility to learn. If a student at a Martial Arts school for example, begins to teach, he will be expelled. A teacher needs ample experience in his field, and when a skillful student has gathered enough experience his teacher will allow him to teach and bestow the teacher’s level upon him.

Your Reiki Teaching Lineage is the lineage of the teacher who has taught you the Shihan (Teacher/instructor) level and has given you the permission to teach in his/her lineage.

Early in the year 2001, I was in for the next surprise. It seemed that after Tadao Sensei refused to come to the US under the conditions mentioned above, either Mr. Inamoto offered to come to the US instead of Tadao Sensei or William Rand asked him to come. Fact is that in the spring of 2002 we received an email with an advertisement stating that Mr. Inamoto, student of Chiyoko Sensei was teaching in the US in her name and lineage. When I received this email I passed it on to Tadao and Chiyoko Sensei, who was enraged.

Nowadays Mr Inamoto claims in public that he has a conflict with Tadao Sensei, but the fact that I know first- hand is that he had a conflict with Chiyoko Sensei the head and founder of the Jikiden Reiki Institute.

Mr. Inamoto never took the teacher’s training course and never had the permission to teach Reiki from Chiyoko Sensei; on top of it, his teaching contents was and is Western Reiki, yet he was claiming that he was a disciple of Chiyoko Sensei and was teaching in her name. I could not believe what was going on, and told Tadao Sensei that I would write to William Rand, to let him know that Mr. Inamoto neither had the skill nor the permission to teach in Chiyoko Sensei’s name. But Tadao being his considerate self, told me that he did not want to strain my relationship with William Rand.

A couple of days later he called me again and told me that he had had a good idea. William’s representative in Japan, Yuko Okamoto was also a student of Chiyoko Sensei. Besides being Chiyoko Sensei’s student, Yuko- San was one of the many people who knew the story concerning Mr. Inamoto. Tadao suggested to ask Yuko-San to write to William Rand what she knew, so he could reconsider his plan. She wrote to him and when she got the reply I was speechless. He replied to her that he knew that already, but that it was now too late to cancel the Inamoto US Tour.

Knowing that Mr. Inamoto was only pretending to be teaching in Chiyoko Sensei’s lineage, they still organized his classes in the US. I could not believe how one could deceive one’s own students and future students- for fame and money.

The list of the names of Chiyoko Sensei’s students who know this story firsthand is too long to mention here. Most of them are Japanese. Perhaps I will just mention a few of the more well- known people: Amanda Jayne (Jikiden Reiki Dai Shihan), Masaki Nishina (Jikiden Reiki Dai Shihan and book author), Ikuko Hirota (Jikiden Reiki Dai Shihan) Walter Lübeck (Founder of Rainbow Reiki, book author), Heinz Schoel, Jikiden Reiki Shihan) and so on...

At some point during all of this we checked where Mr. Inamoto, who claims to be a Buddhist monk, was ordained, but found out that he is not known to the Buddhist organization he claims to be a part of. If you ask any Buddhist monks in Kyoto about him, you get very amusing reactions. “Are you talking about the “nisse bozu” (the fake monk)” they ask you! The temple, that he is often seen in front of in photographs, is a rental… what a scam!!! I am quite impressed that Tadao Sensei has not taken Mr. Inamoto to court yet. The temple that he holds his practice groups in, rents out their space to anyone. Even local school PTA meetings for example can be held in the temple’s community center. He is making it look like he belongs to the temple, but he does not!

All of the above may stir your heart and may make you wonder why people act the way they do. You may wonder how someone who is on a spiritual path can get so lost in his own ego? Reiki as any other spiritual discipline is a door to the divine. The founder of the discipline and the teacher who is teaching you open that door for you as wide as possible. However, it is you who has to do the walking, and I would like to encourage you to walk this path with humility and utmost sincerity.

Reiki is pure Japanese spirituality, and it has not been contaminated by the egotistic behavior of some of its practitioners. However, everything has its place: the abuse of power happens for us to learn to be authentic and truthful no matter what. Don’t be disheartened about what other people do, but do take great care of what You do. Always act from an enlightened standpoint, and then Reiki becomes what it is meant to be: enlightened action.

Thank you for listening, with love, your friend, Frank Arjava Petter

Copyright, © 2017 by Frank Arjava Petter ``
Va multumesc tuturor pentru atentie si va doresc numai bine.

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