luni, 31 octombrie 2011



Initiation of the legs was introduced by Gerda Drescher, Reiki Master Swiss, and experienced therapist who developed this method of initiation, and that besides the role of open channel Reiki primiordial the student has a role improve student receiving initiation grounding through harmonize energy (by opening more powerful Reiki energy flow in feet) associated with long-term therapeutic actions.
The purpose of this initiation, initiation is not only itself, and the overall effect in terms of psychophysical therapeutics.Initiation effects are very large feet. Strengthening the lower pole of a person strengthens his connection with Earth, but to confront and engage better with the unconscious, or in its attachments and its shadow.
Initiation of the legs is a simple tool that allows the enrichment or to raise the prestige of the ego, the person has received. It requires long-term use, a thing to do with responsibility.Initiations made in this way makes a much better grounding Reiki practitioner, and also much better harmonize with the energies of Reiki Earth.In Usui Reiki schools by initiating additional French at heart and legs is called "Extended Reiki".In "Extended Reiki" is essential to enable more powerful (compared to regular Usui Reiki initiation) of the feet chakras.
At the thumb of the foot there is a channel of elimination of energies related to negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, envy, and others. Initiation of the legs does not solve, of course, this problem completely, but allow the continuity of spiritual development necessary Reiki practitioner, bringing a crucial element in our modern society: anchoring / fixing in reality.
Participating in Reiki grounding feet at anchor in reality, offers, after initiation, a Reiki practitioner contact which allows for the practicioner Reiki who had receceived this initiation, heaven and earth to rebound in balance not good Reiki practitioner.
Also, receiving Initiation foot allows eliminating contradictory and negative feelings, the channel found in each of the legs thumb.
Initiate additional foot was not necessary when Mikao Usui founded Reiki, because people were well grounded in the earth energies, but these days, especially once the entry in the Age of Aquarius, people tend “to float" which encourages higher chakras, but neglecting a little lower chakras.
By initiating the feet increases the ability to transmit Reiki feet.
Following conclusions can be drawn from their implementation of this method of initiation:- Initiation of the legs is a constituent of traditional Usui Reiki system, it is said that Reiki Masters and conclusion: Mark Hosak and Walter Lubeck in their book: The Great Book of Reiki symbols by researches made by the two authors .- Everyone is initiated with Reiki initiation needs to stand, since without this additional initiation Reiki practitioner has heightened unharmonious energies his body, or lack of efficacy in some Reiki techniques;
- Initiation on the legs is essential because human entry in the Age of Aquarius;
- Permanently grounding is not achieved only by initiating the legs;
- Initiating the legs are for all Reiki practitioners.


Initiation of the heart, as part of this additional process of initiation, bring greater openness to Unconditional Love. Also, the symbol for the heart, is related, as I said the heart chakra. Use of this symbol can contribute additional jams are the heart chakra when used locally.Completion method of initiating steps in the heart standing, brings us a way to complete the initial interview and very powerful, very useful Reiki practitioners, both for itself and the treatments made by them.
Initiation is additional to the heart by the symbol SHI KA SEI KI which offers a greater openness to Unconditional Love.
Called this symbol for everything related to the heart chakra.
Use this symbol on the heart chakra can help eliminate bottlenecks, when used locally.
In order to make additional initiations heart will use a new symbol - the symbol SHI KA SEI KI - which was received by Barbara Weber Ray by channeling, and then used the technique called Reiki variant radiant.
Drawing symbol is found on the Internet, with variations, and therefore you no longer redesign here, but again you need to know any willing to practice Usui Reiki: This symbol like other Reiki symbols may be used only after the man who wants to use these symbols with the symbols receiving initiation from a Reiki Master Instructor, if their use symbols with no further action does not work, and the feeling of success in their use of only a placebo effect.
SHI KA SEI KI symbol name translation: energy that flows from heart to heart.This symbol is a symbol of traditional Usui Reiki system, so it is a symbol of radiant technique.
SHI KA SEI KI is a symbol for the heart, and therefore uses the chakra 4 (a heart). Chakra clean and remove negative energies, evil in the soul. It's a clean heart symbol. It is very important because its use is the energy of the soul of man, and if the soul is dirty - that is full of evil, affects the whole human system. You can not cure a man by first not heal the soul.
We can use in case of anger, sadness, fatigue, pain in love, all you heart and soul issues.
In Western schools of Usui Reiki is the practice Initiation additional legs to the heart and, in so-called "Reiki Expanded" in grades 2, 3 and 4, and only further initiations.
Emphasize that this initiation can be further and grade 1 for Usui Shiki Ryoho Usui Tibetan Reiki and Reiki.
Additional initiation in heart and feet in Usui Reiki system, be it Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho or Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Instructor can make Reiki,to Reiki practitioners and 2,3 degrees 4, at their request.
Emphasize that from my point of view, this is only an initiation initiation further, bringing the aforementioned avantejele Usui Reiki practitioner, and therefore, this additional initiation to the heart and the legs are made only after the student has received initiations / empowerments classic for each degree of Reiki.
I think that the only way, so intertwined with the initiation of additional conventional initiation in heart and feet, he happily combines qualities, bringing superior quality Reiki practitioner working with Universal Energy or Light Source.

Blessings to you all.

vineri, 21 octombrie 2011


Initierea la picioare a fost introdusa de de catre Gerda Drescher, Maestru Reiki elevetian, dar si terapeut cu experienta, care a dezvoltat aceasta metoda de initiere, si care in afara de rolul primiordial de a deschide canalul Reiki al studentului, are si rolul de a imbunatati impamantarea studentului care primeste initierea, prin intermediul armonizarilor energetice ( prin deschiderea mult mai puternic a circulatiei la picioare a energiei Reiki ) asociate actiunilor terapeutice pe termen lung.
Scopul acestei initieri, nu este numai initierea in sine , cat si un efect global asupra terapeuticii din punct de vedere psihofizic.
Efectele initierii la picioare sunt foarte extinse. Intarirea polului inferior al unei persoane intareste legatura sa cu Pamnatul, dar o si angajeaza sa se confrunte mai bine cu inconstientul sau, cu atasamentele sale si cu umbra sa.
Initierea la picioare nu este o simpla unealta care sa permita imbogatirea sau de a ridica prestigiul ego-ului, celui care o are primita. Ea cere o utilizare de lunga durata , un lucru care trebuie facut cu responsabilitate.
Initierile realizate in acest mod aduc o impamantare mult mai buna a practicantului Reiki, si in plus armonizare mult mai buna a energiei Reiki cu energiile Pamantului.
In scolile de Usui Reiki de limba franceza initierea suplimentara la Inima si Picioare se numeste “Reiki Extins”.
In “Reiki Extins” esentiala este activarea mult mai puternica (fata de initierea Usui Reiki obisnuita) a chakrelor picioarelor.
La baza degetului gros de la picior exista un canal de eliminare a energiilor legate de emotii negative, precum: frica, angoasa, invidie, si altele. Initierea la picioare nu rezolva, desigur, in totalitate aceasta problema, dar permite la continuitatea unei dezvoltari spirituale necesara practicantului Reiki, aducan un element crucial in societatea noastra moderna: ancorarea/fixarea in realitate.
Picioarele care participa la impamantarea Reiki, la ancorarea in realitate, ofera, dupa initiere, un contact care permite pentru practicantul Reiki care a aprimit aceasta initiere, de a relega cerul cu pamantul intr-nu echilibru benefic practicantului Reiki.
De asemenea, primirea Initierii la picioare permite eliminarea sentimentelor contradictorii si nefaste, prin canalul aflat in fiecare deget mare de la picioare.
Initierea suplimentara la picioare nu era necesara atunci cand Mikao Usui a fondat Reiki, caci oamenii erau bine ancorati in energiile terestre, dar in zilele noastre, in special o data cu intrarea in Era Varsatorului, oamenii au tendinta de a „pluti” ceea ce favorizeaza chakrele superioare, insa neglijand un pic chakrele inferioare.
Prin Initierea la picioare creste capacitatea de a transmite Reiki prin talpile picioarelor.
Se pot trage urmatoarele concluzii din activitatea de aplicare a acestei metode de initiere:
- initierea la picioare este un element constitutiv al sistemului de Usui Reiki traditional; acest lucru este mentionat ca si concluzie a Maestrilor Reiki: Mark Hosak si Walter Lubeck in cartea lor :Marea carte a simbolurilor Reiki”, in urma cecetarilor facute de cei doi autori.
- oricine este initiat cu energia Reiki are nevoie de initierea la picioare, dat fiind ca fara aceasta initiere suplimentara practicantul Reiki are disarmonii pe corpul sau enegetic, sau lipsa de eficacitate in unele tehnici Reiki;
- initierea la picioare este indispensabila datorita intrarii omenirii in era Varsatorului;
- impamantarea permanenta nu se realizeaza decat prin initierea la picioare;
- initierea la picioare se adreseaza tuturor practicantilor Reiki.

Initierea la inima, ca parte din acest proces suplimentar de initiere, aduce o mai mare deschidere la Iubirea Neconditionata. De asemenea, utilizarea simbolului pentru inima, este legata, dupa cum am mai spus de chakra inimii. Utilizarea acestui simbol poate contribui, suplimentar, la blocajele care sunt pe chakra inimii, atunci cand se utilizeaza local.
Completarea metodei de initiere la picioare cu initierea la inima, ne aduce o metoda de intiere completa si foarte puternica , extrem de utila practicantilor Reiki, atat pentru sine, cat si in tratamentele facute de acestia.
Initierea suplimentara la inima se face cu ajutorul simbolului SHIKA SEI KI ceea ce ofera o mai mare deschidere catre Iubirea Neconditionata.
Se apeleaza la acest simbolla pentru tot ceea ce este legat de chakra Inimii.
Utilizarea acestui simbol pe chakra Inimii poate contribui la eliminarea unor blocaje, atunci cand se utilizeaza local.
Pentru a se putea face initierile suplimentare la inima se va folosi un simbol nou – simbolul SHIKA SEI KI - care a fost primit de Barbara Weber Ray prin chanelling, si apoi utilizat in cadrul variantei de Reiki numita Tehnica radianta.
Desenul simbolului se gaseste pe Internet, cu variante, si de aceea nu il mai redesenez aici, dar repet ceea ce trebuie sa stie orice doritor de a practica Usui Reiki: acest simbol ca si celelalte simboluri Reiki, pot fi utilizate numai dupa ce cel ce doreste a utiliza aceste simboluri a primit Initierile cu aceste simboluri de la un Maestru Instructor Reiki; in cazul utilizarii lor fara initieri simbolurile nu functioneaza, si senzatia de reusita in utilizarea lor este numai un efect de placebo.
Traducerea denumirii simbolului SHIKA SEI KI: Energia care se revarsa de la Inima la Inima.
Acest simbol nu este un simbol din sistemul Usui Reiki traditional, deci este un simbol din Tehnica Radianta.
SHIKA-SEI-KI este un Simbol pentru inima, si de aceea se foloseşte pe chakra 4 (a inimii). Curaţa chakra si elimina energiile negative, raul de pe suflet. Este un simbol care curata sufletul. Este foarte importanta utilizarea lui pentru ca sufletul este energia de baza a omului, si daca sufletul este murdar – adica este plin de maleficitati, afecteaza întreg sistemul omului. Nu poti vindeca un om daca mai întai nu ii vindeci sufletul.
Il putem folosi în caz de suparare, tristete, oboseala, suferinta în dragoste, tot ceea ce tine de probleme de inima si suflet.

In scolile vestice de Usui Reiki, se practica aceasta Initiere suplimentara la Inima si Picioare, in asa numitul „Reiki Extins” , in cadrul gradelor 2, 3 si 4, si numai ca initieri suplimentare.
Subliniez, ca se poate face aceasta initiere suplimentara si pentru gradul 1 pentru Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki cat si Usui Tibetan Reiki.
Initierea suplimentara la Inima si la Picioare in sistemul Usui Reiki, fie el Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki sau Usui Tibetan Reiki, o pot face ca Maestru Instructor Reiki, practicantilor Reiki de grade 2,3 si 4 , la cererea acestora.
Subliniez, ca din punctul meu de vedere, aceasta initiere este numai o Initiere suplimentara, care aduce practicantului Usui Reiki avantejele mentionate anterior, si in consecinta, aceasta Initiere suplimentara la Inima si la Picioare se face numai dupa ce studentul a primit initierile/acordajele clasice aferente fiecarui grad Reiki.
Cred, ca numai asa, atat initierea clasica impletita cu initierea suplimentara la inima si la picioare, isi combina in mod fericit calitatile, aducand practicantului Reiki calitati superioare in lucrul cu Energia Universala sau Lumina Sursei.

Va doresc, tuturor, multa sanatate si numai bine.